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A Tour Around Peggy's Cove

written by: Teresa Young

ty underwatereyesOn Saturday, after working on a number of glass paintings and reaching the point where I was watching paint dry, I decided I'd procrastinate in a new and unique way, --> so I went and took a boat tour around Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

ty viewfrompeggyscoveboatPeggy's Cove is gorgeous location and seeing it from the deck of a boat is a great way of getting a different perspective on a premier tourist spot...


ty peggyscoveboattoursboatIf you want go ahead and take a look at the website run by the boat tour company, it contains quite a lot of information, some beautiful photographs and loads of facts about Peggy's Cove and the wildlife of the surrounding area.

We were made to feel very welcome at the outset by the crew of the boat and were given the initial safety information prior to leaving the dock... At least it wasn't as bad as the airplane lectures on safety I've sat through as it was delivered with a sense of humour by our tour guide Emily.

ty nicedayforacruiseThe tour includes an hour long ride around the area with great water views of the lighthouse. The underwater camera portion of the tour is where the boat is stopped to drop a camera so the passengers can get a good look at the ocean floor.

And there's also a chance to get a photo of yourself with the olympic torch that was used to start the run across Canada for the leadup to the Olympics. --> I found this quite ironic as I'd moved away from British Columbia prior to the Olympics, and here I had a chance to hold one of the torches, which I never would have if I hadn't left...

ty surrealcoloursWhile anchored in a little cove not far from the lighthouse, we were watching video of a local lobster and the camera decided it really wanted to be free and somehow slipped the line holding it to the boat... Apparently, this isn't a common occurence so we just happened to luck out on this tour. I wasn't about to complain about the extra time on the water as it was a beautiful day with a clear blue sky overhead...

ty ithinkemilyisadmiringbillslegsAs we watched the first mate (Bill Johnston) get helped into a dive suit by captain of the boat Peter Richardson, we were able to get a great look at the surrounding landscape.

ty comorantssunningOne small island we passed had been bought by a local woman for 240 thousand dollars and she built a house on it. The power would have to be brought out to the island via underwater cable and the fresh water would have to be brought in or captured via a cistern. But, I bet the lady has great privacy! There was a nice little boat dock there and it looked like a beautiful place to swim... Just imagine owning your own island though! That amount of money would buy half a house in Vancouver, BC area at best...

Emily (our guide) pointed out the comorants sunning themselves on the nearby rocks. She explained that these fishing birds are wonderful weather predictors. If the birds are there, you can count on decent weather, but if foul weather is coming in, then the birds will be mysteriously absent... It's never been explained how wildlife knows in advance about things like earthquakes and tornadoes, but I guess you can extend that little mystery to thunderstorms and hurricaines as well!


ty emiliogiancola joepersiconeAfter Bill retrieved the camera, we pulled anchor and started back towards the cove. As we neared the lighthouse, Emily pulled out the Olympic torch and also brought out some Olympic clothing that we could put on if we were interested... A couple of young lads down from Halifax and Ontario decided to go the whole route and suited up... --> Of course no photo op is complete without the captain's willing participation...

Once everyone got a turn to try out the torch (although for a while there I thought I'd dropped in on a Star Wars convention, they were using the torch as a light saber for a bit...) we started the boat back up and headed back to the dock...

ty sunsetatpeggyscoveAs far as I was concerned, it certainly was a wonderful trip that I'd recommend to anyone visiting the area. And it was a great way to take a break and see more of the province!


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